Dentist Dr. Marchl located in Vienna’s 23rd district, Wien-Liesing – Patient information

What happens at the first appointment with your dentist?

During the first meeting with dentist Dr. Marchl commits herself to her patients and gives her fullest attention to discuss your wishes and concerns. For a proper in-depth examination, we take intra-oral and panoramic X-ray images in our dentist office located in Wien-Liesing, Vienna. The next step is an overall examination of your teeth, gums, tongue and oral cavity by your dentist. Afterwards, we review the results and discuss with you the further steps of action and options in our dentist office in Wien-Liesing.

What costs are to be expected for the visit to your dentist in Wien-Liesing, Vienna?

The first meeting with your dentist Dr. Marchl is free of charge; we only charge you fort he X-ray images in our dentist office in Vienna, Wien-Liesing.

Since we only charge health insurance fund tariffs, you will be reimbursed at 80% by your health insurance. Referring to the X-ray images, there is a deductible amounting to approximately 10 euros.

Our Vienna dentist office gladly performs the submittance of the reimbursement form for you!

How do I get reimbursed for the visit at my dentist’s?

We provide you with an invoice that is payable via ATM cards, cash, or credit card directly in our dentist office in Vienna, Wien-Liesing. All you need to do for receiving the reimbursement from your health insurance fund is to give us your contact and bank details; we then submit the reimbursement application to your individual health insurance fund. Within 3 to 6 weeks you then get reimbursed for the costs of your dental treatment at dentist Dr. Marchl and the amount will simply be transferred directly to your bank account.

Do I get fully reimbursed by my health insurance fund for the costs of the visit to the dentist?

Yes, or course all services that your health insurance fund usually reimburses also get reimbursed at 80% when you visit and use Dr. Marchl’s dental health services. This includes e.g. fillings,

root canal treatments, X-ray images, extractions and accordingly to the terms and conditions of your health insurance fund, braces and prostheses.

Private services like crowns, bridges, and implants have to be paid individually in our dentist office in Vienna, Wien-Liesing – like with other dentists, belonging to the statutory health-insurance system.

Dentist office by Dr. Barbara Marchl: Insights into our dentist office

Dentist, Dr. med. dent. Barbara Marchl, and her team offer you the full spectrum of dental, oral and maxillo-facial surgery. We offer you professional treatment and services in the field of beautiful and healthy teeth. No matter whether your concern is aesthetic dentistry, tooth bleaching, dental surgery, or maxillo-facial surgery – our emphasis is on establishing a trustful relationship with our patients in our dentist office in Vienna.

We care for the individual wishes and requirements of our patients and put high importance on safe and modern ways of treatment. We therefore offer treatments for anxious, ’dentophobic’ patients as well as hypnosis, paediatric dentistry and anaesthetics with nitrous oxide. Professionals especially benefit from our office hours on Saturdays and our long opening times on weekdays; however, also in case of emergency, we are directly available at our dentist office in Vienna.

Impression from our dentist office in Vienna

Have you become curious? We like to give you a first impression of our dentist office in Vienna and have compiled some impressions on our website for you. Get a picture of our friendly dentist office with modern equipment! We are looking forward to your visit to our dentist office in Vienna. Visit us during our office hours or make an appointment at +43 (0) Of course, you are also welcome to use our on-line appointment scheduling.

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