Aesthetic dentistry in the dentist office in Vienna

Do you wish your teeth would be white and shiny and want to have an attractive smile? Profound dental care and regular visits to your dentist located in 1230 Vienna Wien-Liesing for preventive examination (dental prophylaxis) can keep your teeth in an attractive, healthy and strong condition. If your teeth however, should suffer from a dental defect, aesthetic dentistry helps to treat the damaged tooth.

Aesthetic dentistry in Vienna – treatment of dental defects

Our dentist office in Vienna has a wide range of experience within the field of aesthetic dentistry and the most modern treatment methods. Aesthetic dentistry offers several therapy methods to treat a (usually because of caries) damaged tooth. Depending on the damage of the tooth, you receive an easy to shape filling (made of mouldable material). The filling can be completed directly at first treatment.

Are you anxious, or even dental phobic? Contact us! We also welcome patients that are anxious to go to the dentist to our Vienna dentist office and offer for example, hypnosis-treatments and anaesthesia with nitride oxygen!

Aesthetic dentistry services in our Vienna dentist office

Synthetic material (composite) fillings


In our dentist office in Vienna we do no use amalgam fillings due to the suspicion of increased mercury exposure. For our aesthetic dentistry treatments we therefore use a so-called dental cement as substitute for which health insurance companies will reimburse the costs.

Ceramic and Gold Inlays

An inlay is a customised workpiece. After appropriate polishing in our Vienna dentist office, we make an impression, according to which the dental laboratory then customises the individual inlay. A few days later, the inlay will be fitted and fixed. A ceramic inlay is a substance-friendly way of aesthetic dentistry with long-term durability.

Crowns (partial crowns of ceramic or gold)

Crowns are the final alternative for supplying a damaged tooth if it is extremely damaged. Referring to this alternative of aesthetic dentistry, the different steps of the work process partly are executed in our dentist office in Vienna and in the dental lab.


Veneers are so-called aesthetic ’porcelain laminates’. They are used for the whole incisal area in the front of the upper and lower jaw. Aesthetic dentistry uses veneers in case of long-term colour irregularities on teeth or slightly crooked teeth. The results produced by our dentist office in Vienna clearly improve your appearance.

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