Orthodontics in our Vienna dentist office in Wien-Liesing

Removable or fixed brace appliances designed by an orthodontist

Beautiful and straight positioned teeth are not only charming but simply belong to an attractive smile and also stand for health and vitality.

Working as orthodontics in Vienna, we know what importance healthy and straight positioned teeth have on a patient’s overall well-being. To give you the peace of mind to keep smiling easily, besides aesthetic dentistry and bleaching, we offer you lots of treatments within the field of orthodontics for children and for adults.

Healthy smile thanks to orthodontics – your orthodontist in 1230 Vienna

The aim of orthodontics is to avoid erroneous developments of the chewing organ. Crooked teeth can significantly influence the overall appearance of adults and children, reduce the clean-ability and promote inflammation of the gums. Without the treatment by an orthodontist, this can also result in painful muscular tension and damages in the jaw joint.

Braces by your orthodontist – orthodontics in your dentist office in Vienna

Our dentist office, located in 1230 Vienna, offers you orthodontic removable appliances (like disks, plates, etc.), fixed brace appliances, and also invisible braces (ClearAligner). After careful collection of reports and diagnosis (including several X-ray images, jaw casts and photos), our dental health professionals in our Vienna dentist office suggest an individual treatment plan. We always discuss the orthodontics therapy options on an individual treatment basis with our patients, and make decisions mutually and only after careful consideration. Now nothing stands in your way for your desire for beautiful, and as even as possible teeth! Do you wish to have even teeth and a splendid smile? Visit your orthodontist in Vienna! The dentist office of Dr. Barbara Marchl helps you to achieve a perfect smile with beautiful and even teeth. Let us advise you on all aspects of orthodontics!

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