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No fear of the dentist! Dr. Marchl and her team are specialised in paediatric dentistry and anxious, or dentist phobic patients. As paediatric dental experts we introduce children in a playful way to their visit at the dentist’s. Dr. Marchl supports anxious and dentist phobic patients for example by applying anaesthetics with nitrous oxide. No matter whether you need a check-up examination and prophylaxis, treatment of caries, or a dental surgical procedure – our dentist office team always is a good choice for our little patients as well as for anxious patients.

Paediatric dentist in Vienna – visits to the dentist for our little patients

From early childhood on, the foundation for a healthy development of the teeth and good dental health is laid. Also for the little ones, regular visits to the paediatric dentist should be obligatory.

We offer a child-friendly atmosphere in our Vienna dentist office to make sure that fears do not take root in the first place. We use a lot of empathy and patience to familiarise our little patients with the situation of visiting the dentist/ paediatric dentist. As paediatric dentists we put emphasis on trust building with our little patients and to allay their fears. At the same time, we inform the parent who has actual care of the child in detail on the topic of dental health in our Vienna dentist office and advise you how to support your child best to keep the teeth healthy. We also offer extra-sensitive dental hygiene services for children during the little ones’ visit to the dentist.

Say goodbye to your fear of the dentist – our Vienna dentist office also welcomes anxious and dentist phobic patients!

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? Do you have an uneasy feeling in your stomach, or even panic when thinking of a visit at a dentist? When the fear goes beyond a certain limit, or even has turned into horror, - it’s time for action! Patients that fear a visit at the dentist often are so much afraid of an appointment that they rather deal with tooth pain, eventually leading to loss of teeth.

However, this does not have to happen. With her dentist office located in Vienna, Dr. Marchl is specialised in anxious and dentist phobic patients and helps them to deal with their anxiety.

We offer individual treatments and a relaxed atmosphere. Hypnosis treatment features make it easier for anxious patients to visit the dentist. In our Vienna dentist office, applying treatment extension features, we can also use communication techniques and design trance sessions for anxious or dentist phobic patients. During hypnosis, you are fully awake and experience a state of focused awareness, high relaxation and distance to the dentist phobia. The aim of hypnosis is to enable patients to use personal resources, abilities and possibilities for themselves. As a anxious or dental phobic patient, even in such a relaxed state of awareness, you can continue to communicate with your dentist and our Vienna dental health care team members, and decide independently. No matter, whether you are looking for a reliable paediatric dentist or a dentist specialised in anxious patients – the Vienna dentist office of Dr. Barbara Marchl welcomes you and is happy to assist you. Come and visit our dentist office!

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