Professional dental hygiene in our Vienna dentist office

Oral hygiene for adults and sensitive oral hygiene for children

Optimal care of teeth and gums. Prevent gum problems by using the professional dental hygiene in our Vienna dentist office. Optimal prophylaxis helps to avoid 80% of all gum disease. Recognising problems at an early stage allows for preventing, or stopping the progression of disease of the periodontium. You should consider three elements of dental health:

  • professional dental hygiene
  • every six months a check-up in our Vienna dental practice
  • regular dental care at home including brushing and flossing

Healthy teeth thanks to professional dental hygiene in Vienna

At the beginning of a professional teeth cleaning, plaque is marked with the help of a colour solution. This way, we can show you exactly your problem areas and advise you which assistance instruments (interdental brushes, floss, single-tuft brushes, tongue cleaners, and much more) will help you to achieve better future cleaning results. Please take your personal dental care instruments with you when you come to our Vienna dentist office! Afterwards, during the professional teeth cleaning, calculus (hard deposits) and plaque (soft deposits) are thoroughly removed, as well as tartar, discolouration on the surface of the teeth, between the teeth and in the non-visible areas in the periodontal pockets. Then, in our Vienna dentist office we polish the surface of your teeth and coat them with a layer of fluoride varnish in order to protect the tooth enamel and reduce the occurrence of new discolouration on your teeth.

Professional tooth cleaning for adults and children in Vienna, Wien-Liesing

Not only grown-up patients enjoy professional tooth cleaning and dental hygiene in our Vienna dentist office. We are also specialised in paediatric dentistry; as paediatric dentist Dr. Marchl also offers extra-sensitive dental hygiene services for children. We respond to the special requirements of your child and explain our little patients step-by-step how to care best for the individual child’s dentition.

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The dentist office of Dr. Marchl located in Vienna is also open on Saturdays. Ms. Karina Blank, our prophylaxis-assistant is at your service for professional tooth cleaning until late on Saturday afternoon. Dial +43 (0), or use our on-line appointment scheduling!

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