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Are you looking for a dentist office in Vienna’s 23rd district, Wien-Liesing that provides you with excellent service, meets your individual requirements and takes time for every patient?

Do you like to be treated by a dentist who is able to competently advise you?

Do you care about modern health care treatment methods? Are you anxious, or even dental phobic? The dentist office of Dr. Marchl in Wien-Liesing offers children and adults extensive dental health services of the latest medical expertise. We are always there for you – also on Saturdays!

Your dentist office in Wien-Liesing works with the most modern treatment methods

No matter, whether you are interested in tooth-whitening (dental bleaching), need braces or a dental implant, or just like to come along for a preventive examination (dental prophylaxis) – at our practice you always receive optimal care and service. In our dentist office located in Wien-Liesing, we work with the latest medical instruments and put high emphasis on regular professional training for all our team members. With us you can always be sure to receive the best possible dental health care.

The team of our dentist office located in Vienna’s district ’Wien-Liesing’

The team of Dr. Marchl’s dentist office in Wien-Liesing is always at your service with extensive practical experience, know-how, and deep understanding.

Get more information on the professional background of the team members of our dentist office! Here, we provide you with on overview of our team located at Wien-Liesing.

Dr. med. dent. Barbara Marchl

Dr. med. dent. Barbara Marchl

opening of the dentist office in Vienna’s 23rd district ’Wien-Liesing’
anaesthesia permit for nitrous oxide anesthesia at the Cologne Institute for dental sedation
training for orthodontics with Professor Dr. Samperman, Vienna
training diploma for hypnosis and communication, Graz
locum dentist for several dentist offices
award of a doctorate of dentistry (Dr. med. dent.) at the Bernhard Gottlieb University Dental Hospital
research assistant at the Institute for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Matriculation at the Medical University of Vienna, completed secondary school education (Matura)
Dr. Wolfgang Klug

Dr. Wolfgang Klug

2013 - Ifd.
Facharzt für Anästhesie / AKH Wien
2007 - 2013
Ausbildung zum Facharzt für Anästhesie / Wien AKH
Krankenhaus der barmherzigen Brüder Graz - Eggenburg Abteilung für innere Medizin
2001 - 2006
Studium an der medizinischen Universität Wien
1998 - 2001
Studium der Medizin an der Universität Graz
Dr. Katharina Russmüller

Dr. Katharina Russmüller

Fachärztin für Mund-, Kiefer und Gesichtschirurgie
2006 - 2013
Ausbildung zur Fachärztin für Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtsschirurgie / AKH Wien
2007 - 2010
Zahnmedizinstudium an der Bernhard Gottlieb Universitäts Zahnklinik Wien
2001 - 2006
Medizinstudium an der Medizinischen Universität Wien
Karina Blank

Karina Schneider

Prophylaxes assistant, responsible for provision of material and patient care

dental assistant at the dentist office of Dr. Marchl
professional training for prophylaxis-assistant, Vienna
work experience as dental assistant at several dentist offices
professional training for dental assistant, Vienna
Manuela Spitzbart

Manuela Spitzbart

Zahnärztliche Fachassistentin, Prophylaxe, Rezeption

2014 - Ifd.
Prophylaxe, Rezeption in der Ordination Dr. Marchl
Seit 2014
Prophilaxe Assistentin Diplom St. Pölten
1995 - 2014
Zahnärztliche Fachassistentin und Rezeption in div. Ordinationen
1992 - 1995
Ausbildung zur Zahnärztlichen Fachassistentin, Wien
Jacqueline Waldherr

Jacquline Waldherr

Fachassistentin für Vollnarkose und Chirurgie

Zahnärztliche Fachassistentin Ordination Dr. B. Marchl
Ausbildung zur zahnärztlichen Fachassistenz - Schwechat
Fachschule für wirtschaftliche Berufe 1120 Wien
Marie Feldbaumer

Marie Feldbaumer

trainee; professional training for dental assistant
business vocational school
cooperative secondary school, Vienna
Markus Steinbrecher

Markus Steinbrecher

2014 - Ifd.
Diplom. Gesundheits-, und Krankenpfleger / Anästhesiepfleger AKH Wien
2007 - 2009
Sonderausbildung in Anästhesiepflege ( Diplom)
2001 - 2004
Gesundheits-, und Krankenpflegeschule Krems an der Donau ( Diplom)
Sabina Rechtberger

Sabina Rechtberger

Office manager to the dentist office, Responsible for management of the doctor’s practice, coordination of appointments and our front desk

Lohnverrechnung und Buchhaltung in der Ordination Dr. Marchl
Seit 1999
Zentraler Einkauf, Buchhaltung, Organisation

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